Minčeta tower secret tunnels tour

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Discover the secret tunnels of the city walls of Dubrovnik on this exclusive and unusual private tour!


Are you bored with the typical touristy stuff in Dubrovnik? We got you covered with a unique and awesome private tour! We'll show you the most amazing basketball ever, located on top of a 16th century gun foundry. Plus, we'll take you on a tour of the secret tunnels of Minčeta tower, which were used as bomb shelters during the Croatian war in '91. But wait, there's more! You'll also get to explore the western bulwark of the city walls and the fort Bokar, which has great views of the Adriatic Sea. And the best part? You won't have to fight through the crowds to see these hidden gems.

We invite you to escape the crowds, be different from others and explore with us the secret tunnels of Minčeta tower, the fascinating medieval gun foundry and the western bulwark of the walls. Choose this unique private tour that we’ve designed to take you on a very unusual and non-touristy walk along the still-undiscovered parts of Dubrovnik city walls. Hundreds of people walk the walls of Dubrovnik every day, but only a dozen discover their secret corners!

You will see how the brilliant Florentine architect Michelozzi designed and developed the gun holes in mid-15th century to protect the city of Dubrovnik from possible Ottoman Turkish attacks. We’ll show you the fascinating museum of the old gun foundry, an archaeological site where back in the day cannons were made for defense of the city. You’ll hear about 15th century warfare and political affairs of the old Dubrovnik Republic, a small city-state that struggled to survive between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

This tour is for the history lovers out there and for all those who want a truly unique, non-touristy and unusual experience of Dubrovnik. This is a two-hour private tour led by a professional licensed tour guide and a local of Dubrovnik who will share with you the intriguing facts and stories from the old days, but also explain the recent history of Dubrovnik and the war in the early 1990s, that saw the city under siege and bombarded, whilst the people took shelter in the very same tunnels of Minčeta tower that you’ll get to explore on this tour.

Be different from other people and book this unusual private tour of the non-touristy section of the city walls – we offer an exclusive private group setting and a chance to discover the hidden and still quiet parts of Dubrovnik. There’s only six spots on this unusual private tour, so act fast - choose your preferred date on the calendar and book now!

Tour features & benefits:


  1. Escape the crowds: Get away from the tourist crowds and discover a non-touristy part of Dubrovnik
  2. Play basketball under the Minčeta Tower: Shoot some hoops above a 15th century gun foundry for the most unusual and memorable experience
  3. Discover secret tunnels: Explore the hidden tunnels of the city walls
  4. Visit the underground museum: Learn about the old gun foundry at an underground archaeological museum.

Prices, duration and schedule:

  • 150 Euros per group of up to six (1130.18 Kn - fixed conversion rate 1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK)
  • the tour takes two hours and is capped at a maximum six guests
  • departs daily at 10.30 am (March 1, 2023 - November 30, 2023)

Please note:

The tour price does NOT include the entrance fee for the tunnels of Minčeta tower. This is included in the ticket for the city walls and we recommend you buy them beforehand. This is to be paid separately, by cash or credit card, and it costs 35 Euros per person.

Watch the video we made to get a taste of the things you'll discover on this tour! 

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