Minčeta tower secret tunnels tour

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Discover Minčeta tower, explore the old gun foundry and walk along the western bulwark on this unusual and non-touristy tour of Dubrovnik!


Do you know how many people walk the walls of Dubrovnik on an average summer day? Hundreds. But, did you know how many discover the secret corners of the walls? Maybe a dozen. We invite you to escape the crowds, be different and explore with us the secret tunnels of Minčeta tower, the fascinating medieval gun foundry and the amazing western bulwark of the city walls! Join this unique tour that we’ve designed to take you on a very unusual and non-touristy tour along the still-undiscovered parts of Dubrovnik walls.

If you’re looking for unusual and non-touristy things to do in Dubrovnik, look no further: this walking tour of the hidden parts of the city walls will take you into the interior of Minčeta tower, a 15th century masterpiece of military engineering, through the old casemate tunnels which were last used as bomb shelters during the 1991 war in Croatia and all the way down the western bulwark to Bokar fort and the archaeological site of the former monasteries of St. Andrew and St. Mark.

You will see how the brilliant Florentine architect Michelozzi designed and developed the gun holes in mid-15th century to protect the city of Dubrovnik from possible Ottoman Turkish attacks. We’ll show you the fascinating museum of the old foundry, an archaeological site where back in the day cannons were made for defense of the city. You’ll hear about 15th century warfare and political affairs of the old Dubrovnik Republic, a small city-state that struggled to survive between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

This tour is for the history lovers out there and for all those who want a truly unique, non-touristy and unusual experience of Dubrovnik. This is a small-group tour led by a professional tour guide and a local of Dubrovnik who will share with you the intriguing facts and stories from the old days, but also explain the recent-most history of Dubrovnik and the war in the early 1990s, that saw the city under siege and bombarded, whilst the people took shelter in the very same tunnels of Minčeta fort that you’ll get to explore on this tour.

Dare to be different and book this unusual tour of the non-touristy section of the city walls – you’ll be sure to appreciate the exclusive small-group setting of the tour and the discovery of a hidden and still quiet part of Dubrovnik. There’s only eight spots on this unusual tour, so make sure to reserve yours on time and let’s discover the secrets of the walls together!

Tour itinerary:

  • group meeting on Peline street, in front of Lady Pi-Pi restaurant, introduction to the tour
  • check out the Peline basketball court, the best in the world, at the foot of Minčeta tower
  • Minčeta tower casemates - learn about 15th century defenses and the most recent war
  • the old foundry - explore the stunning archaeological museum below the basketball court
  • walk along the western bulwark - hear about wars, conflicts and diplomacy
  • visit Bokar fort - roam the narrow passages and enjoy the view of the sea on the terrace
  • discover the archaeological site of St. Andrew's - the ruins from the big earthquake in 1667

Tour highlights:

  • go where nobody else goes - inside Minčeta tower, away from the crowds!
  • discover the old foundry and see how cannons were made
  • walk the western bulwark
  • check out the amazing fort Bokar with its terrace facing the blue Adriatic sea

Tour duration: 2 hours

Tour price: 150 kunas per person

Tour schedule: daily at 4 pm (April 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022)

Meeting point: Peline street, in front of Lady Pi-Pi restaurant

Watch the video we made to get a taste of the things you'll discover on this tour! 

Please note: The price of this tour does NOT include the admission fee for the tunnels of Minčeta tower. This is to be paid separately, by cash or credit card, and it costs 50 kunas per person.

If you want to walk the main city walls, do it with a guide! We also have our City walls tour which expands on the military history of Dubrovnik and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the great views over the Old town.