Dubrovnik City Walls Tour

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Dubrovnik city walls tour – marvel at the blue sea, look at people’s houses and learn about the history of this amazing place!


You know why you want to visit Dubrovnik – it’s the atmosphere of this unique city, the Mediterranean feel to it, but also, it’s the walls. Ever since you heard your friends raving about them or saw the pictures, you knew you wanted to walk the walls of Dubrovnik. And now that you’re finally here, why not join our small-group Dubrovnik city walls tour? It’s better than just walking around by yourself. You’ll have a local tour guide who grew up in Dubrovnik and knows the place inside out. You’ll learn about the history, get to meet some fellow travellers on the tour and have so much more fun!


We’ll meet near Ploče gate, very close to the entrance to the city walls. We always pick the less-crowded one, and we’ll be up on the walls in no time! The very first view will be that of the Old harbour with little boats down below. We’ll work our way to the first big tower overlooking the eastern part of the Old town high above the ancient Dominican monastery. You will hear about medieval warfare and exactly how and when the walls of Dubrovnik were built.

As we continue along the northern stretch of the walls, the iconic red roofs of the old houses will immediately attract your attention. Take as many photos as you want – the tour is leisurely paced and your tour guide will make sure you keep everlasting impressions of our hometown! We’ll stop occasionally along the way to discuss the historical challenges and political struggles that the old Dubrovnik Republic was facing, to give you a better understanding of the city’s rich history. Your tour guide will explain the famous Dubrovnik diplomacy and how we used it with the Ottoman Empire.

The moment you climb the highest point of the city walls, Minčeta tower, will be the most memorable! It’s time for a group photo with the historical flag of the old Dubrovnik Republic, a souvenir to remember your tour of the walls with us. From there, the walk takes us along the western stretch as we continue towards the steep but spectacular southern side of the Old town. Marvel at the blue Adriatic sea from the heights while your tour guide explains the rivalry between the old Dubrovnik Republic and Venice, our main competitor in maritime trade from many centuries ago.

As you walk along the narrow southern stretch of the city walls you’ll be walking right in front of people’s houses and may even be able to take a peek inside their kitchens and smell what’s cooking! Don’t forget that the Old town is still a living, breathing community and home to around 1500 locals. Your tour guide will tell you how it is to live inside the walls, in such a unique place like the Old town of Dubrovnik.

On this small-group walking tour we go all the way around the city walls – you won’t miss anything and you will see everything! The two-hour tour ends at the same place where we got up on the wall, meaning, you’ll make a full circle. It’s ideal for travellers who want value for money as well as an authentic experience – that’s why we have only the best local tour guides, all of whom were born and raised in Dubrovnik, and we insist on small groups to create a laid-back, fun and engaging atmosphere! Click on that “Book now” button and make your visit to Dubrovnik unforgettable!



  1. Group meeting near Ploče gate
  2. Entrance to the city walls at St. Luke's
  3. Introduction to the tour with the view of the old harbour
  4. Revelin fortress explained - the arhitecture, strategic position and historic importance
  5. Diplomacy of Dubrovnik explained - relations with Venice
  6. Dubrovnik diplomacy continued - the fall of Constantinople and the rise of the Ottoman Empire
  7. Minčeta tower - the highest point of the city walls - photo stop
  8. Medieval foundry explained - the armament of the walls
  9. The structure of the walls - an in-depth explanation of the architecture and defensive strategy
  10. The view of the main street - half-way point - photo stop
  11. Forts Bokar and Lovrijenac explained
  12. The climb towards the southern stretch - optional refreshment break
  13. The archaeological site of St. Andrew's explained
  14. How Dubrovnik fared through the 19th century - the French occupation
  15. Austrian government and the fall of the old empires - 19th century explained
  16. Dubrovnik in the World wars 
  17. St. John's fortress explained
  18. The final stop of the tour - quarantine and Kaše breakwater explained


  • The whole 1.3 mile walk around the city walls of Dubrovnik
  • Minčeta fort – the highest point and the best photo stop
  • Magnificent views of the Old Town and the harbour

Duration: 2 hours  

Price: 200 Kn per person* ( ~26 EUR / ~23 GBP / ~31 USD)

Meeting point: Ploče gate, see the map for more details.


2021 schedule:

Departs Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays:

                       at 9.30 am (January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021)

                       at 5 pm (April 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021)

                       at 4.30 pm (September 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021)

                       at 3 pm (October 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021)

                       at 9.30 am (November 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)


Take a look at the COVID-19 safety guidelines                      

The maximum number of guests per group is eight.

Please note: The price of this tour does NOT include the price for the city walls. This has to be paid separately by cash or credit card. The cost of the city walls ticket in 2021 is 200 Kn per person (adult ticket) or 50 Kn (Under-18 and students with a valid International Student Card - ISIC or European Youth Card). 

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