Dubrovnik city walls ticket price in 2022

We know you can hardly wait to start travelling again and most likely for a lot of you Dubrovnik is going to be the place to go this year. Of course, visiting Dubrovnik means walking the old city walls. But how much will that cost you? Well, in 2022 you'll have to pay 250 Croatian kunas for an adult single ticket for the city walls. This is higher than the 200 kunas the walls used to cost in the last couple of years. It's around 38 American dollars, 28 British pounds or 33 Euros.


Ok, first off, you should know that you can buy the tickets for the walls online at the official website of the City walls of Dubrovnik. It's pretty straightforward, you'll need to print the tickets at home and present the paper ticket to the staff when you actually arrive to Dubrovnik and go to the walls. The staff will scan the barcode and you're good to go! The 250 kunas adult single ticket gets you on the walls and allows you to make one lap around the walls. What this means is that when you decided to get off the walls,you cannot go back up again later or some other time. You'd have to buy a new ticket.

However, the 250 kunas single ticket also includes a visit to the fort of St. Lawrence, which is a detached fortress separated from the main city walls but with the same opening hours like the main walls. You can visit the fort on the same day or in the next couple of days – your ticket is valid for 72 hours from the moment it was first scanned by the personnel of the city walls. You can also do it the other way around – visit the fort of St. Lawrence first and later go on the walls. Either way you do it, the ticket will be inspected by the staff so you can only visit the walls once and the fort once.

If you choose to only visit the fort of St. Lawrence without the walls, then you'll pay 100 kunas. The ticket for just the fort can also be purchased at their official website. You just need to print it at home and show it at the entrance to the fort. Now, here's the thing – if you change your mind and decide to also walk the main city walls, but you only bought the ticket for the fort of St. Lawrence, make sure to keep that ticket, save it, don't lose it or throw it away – you'll show that ticket at one of the entrances to the main city walls and then you'll have to pay the extra 150 kunas to the full price.

Remember – 250 kunas is the price of the whole package, meaning the city walls AND the fort of St. Lawrence, so in this kind of situation when you quickly decide you'd like to do the walls after having previously bought the ticket just for the fort, you basically pay the difference for the full price.


Yes, there are! First of all, know that the kids under 18 pay 100 kunas for the city walls and the fort of St. Lawrence. Students also pay 100 kunas but you have to present the ISIC international student card at the entrance when you want to buy the ticket. Don't argue with the staff of the walls – the ISIC card is a MUST for you to get a student discount! If you're a student and only want to visit the fort of St. Lawrence you'll still have to pay the 100 kunas entrance fee, but if you later change your mind and decide to walk the main city walls as well, show the staff your ticket from the fort AND your ISIC card and then you'll go up for free.


Ok, now we're talking! The city of Dubrovnik introduced the Dubrovnik Card – a travel card available in three different versions: the one-day, three-day and seven-day card. It is a great saver and a very good thing to consider, especially if you'll be staying in Dubrovnik for a couple of days. Even the most basic, one-day Dubrovnik Card is worth the money – it costs 250 kunas and not only does it include all of the city's museums, it also includes the city walls and the fort of St. Lawrence!

Yes, you read that right – for the same 250 kunas, the price for a single adult ticket when you buy it at the entrance to the walls or on their official website, with the Dubrovnik Card you'll get the whole package: the city walls, the fort of St. Lawrence, the city museums and a daily bus pass! For me, it's a no-brainer, get yourself a Dubrovnik Card and make the most of your visit to Dubrovnik. Order it online here.

Now, keep in mind, the Dubrovnik Card alone is NOT the ticket for the city walls – you still have to go to one of the ticket sales points (there are three, at eacj of the entry points to the city walls) and show your Dubrovnik Card to the personnel of the walls. They will put a mark on your card meaning that you've "used" the city walls and they'll give you a special ticket for the walls. That ticket will be scanned at the entrance and then you're scot-free.

Remember: keep your Dubrovnik Card with you all the time, don't lose it and have it ready in case of any misunderstandings with the staff – but you should be fine, the ticket that the city walls staff will give you when you show them your Dubrovnik Card will clearly state that it's something that you got with the Card and it will be perfectly valid on the walls and the fort of St. Lawrence.


  • the price for an adult single ticket for the city walls of Dubrovnik in 2022 is 250 kunas
  • this ticket includes the main walls and the separate fort of St. Lawrence
  • this ticket is valid for 72 hours from the moment it was activated – scanned by the personnel
  • if you only visit the fort of St. Lawrence you pay 100 kunas
  • if you later change your mind and decide you want to do the walls you pay the difference – meaning, you pay 150 kunas at the entrance to the full price (250 kunas) – but make sure to have the ticket from the fort with you!
  • Kids under 18 pay 100 kunas
  • students with a valid ISIC card (they're strict on that!) pay 100 kunas no matter what they choose to visit first – the main city walls or the fort of St. Lawrence.
  • Dubrovnik Card costs 250 kunas and gets you free entry to the walls and the fort (first you have to show the card at one of the entrances) AND the city museums and a bus pass!

Ok, guys, there you have it, the most important things to know when planning your visit to Dubrovnik's top attraction, the medieval city walls. If you don't want to walk around the walls without having the slightest idea what you're seeing and the history behind all that, consider booking our City Walls tour – it goes every day at 9 in the morning to avoid the heat and escape the crowds. You'll have a local guide from Dubrovnik, born and raised, and you'll meet a handful of other travellers who, just like you, also want a quality experience. Hope this helps, see you in Dubrovnik!


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