Legends and Curiosities

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Unveil the legends and curiosities of old Dubrovnik


The city of Dubrovnik hides many secrets and stories yet untold. Every corner of the walled city tells a tale, some peculiar, others gruesome. If you want to unveil the long-forgotten legends of this city, consider joining the Legends and Curiosities thematic tour.

Our guide will take you through the maze of small, winding streets and entertain you with stories you won't find that easily in the guide books. There is a quirky side to Dubrovnik's history, one that is often left untold, lying underneath the layers of the more well-known historical facts.

Were there indecent acts between the Franciscan friars and the nuns of St. Claire? What about the strange gargoyles around the town? What legend connects king Richard the Lionheart with Dubrovnik? The Legends and Curiosities thematic tour will provide you with a new and amazingly different understanding of Dubrovnik.

Are there secret tunnels under the city? What was going on in the streets of 16th century Dubrovnik after dark? Join this thematic tour and discover another, hidden side of Dubrovnik, one that will spark your imagination and amaze you with its odd and eccentric features...

Tour highlights:

  • Roaming the streets off the beaten path
  • Exploring the oldest, dark corners of the town

Duration: 2 hours  Price: 130 Kn per person

Please note: this is a private thematic tour, available upon request.