Dubrovnik Street Stories

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Storytelling tour of old Dubrovnik


It's easy to get lost in the maze of the small streets and alleyways of the Old Town. But did you know they all have their stories? Join our Dubrovnik Street Stories storytelling tour and discover the rich history behind the names!

It's not just the poets and playwrights that our streets were named after. Did you know there's also the Blacksmiths' Street, Goldsmiths' Street, the Cistern Street and even the oddly named Pitch-black Street? Although they may be lined with restaurants and wine bars today, that was not the case centuries ago. Back in the day, these streets resounded with everyday life of the people of Dubrovnik; arts and crafts that have been long forgotten...

Dubrovnik is soaked in history, but many streets are left unnoticed by the traveller. And that's a shame because off the main street there's a maze of small streets and narrow alleyways waiting to be discovered. Hear about the Antunini, the wannabe aristocrats in the Antuninska street and visit the strangely named Dead Bell square. Check out the Jewish street where you can still see traces of the Jewish presence in Dubrovnik. In the company of your knowledgeable tour guide, visit what was once the red light district of Dubrovnik and find out how a convicted murderer ended up having a street named after him!

Take a step back in time and learn what's in a name! Our guide will take you through the labyrinth of old cobblestone streets of the Old Town and tell you their stories. If only these walls could talk... With our Dubrovnik Street Stories storytelling tour they can. Are you ready to listen?

Tour highlights:

  • exploring the hidden alleys of the old Town
  • historical narrative covering the very foundations of Dubrovnik
  • stories you won't hear anywhere else

Duration: 2 hours  Price: 140 Kn per person

Please note: this is a private thematic tour, available upon request.